The MUSIC Group Connection

In December 2009 saw the acquisition of the MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK brands by MUSIC Group from Bosch.


Ultra high-speed Surface Mount machine farm


Automated optical PCB inspection system

It became readily apparent that this was an incredibly potent relationship, as MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK offered not only their brand heritage and experience of operating at the very top level of the live sound industry, but considerable intellectual property that all could benefit from.

A dedicated team of UK engineers now forms the nucleus of a MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK presence at MUSIC Group City, the company’s manufacturing hub in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, which its 3,000 staff call home.

MUSIC Group in return invested over US$ 20 million in a dedicated manufacturing facility for MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK, with state-of-the-art surface mount technology and optical inspection systems.

MUSIC Group City provides a scale of manufacturing power that previously MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK could only have dreamed of.